Real Lighting Situations: Small Room

I recently created a quick video message for the social media channels I no longer want to use. The main goal was to point people to the two places I am using: my website and my Linked In page, the idea being that I would rather be working on projects than constantly trying to please the social media gods with posts on a bunch of different social platforms.

It was a little difficult trying to decide what environment I should be in because I want this to have a long shelf life. Should I be in front of a plain white cyc? Should I go more dramatic, lighting it with more contrast, maybe in front of a gray backdrop, or do I sit on the couch with a mid day feel and make it really airy and natural looking? After some thought, I ended up in my little home office and I'm really happy with how it looked. It had it's challenges as my office is really small but I think I controlled everything pretty easily.

It's a really simple fairly standard lighting setup but might be interesting to some people just starting out.

Here is the finished ~60 sec video for you to see. And below is a rundown of the lighting.

Here is a look at how I lit the video and also some behind the scenes photos.

Behind the Scenes Photos of the setup in the tiny room.

Fixtures Used in this Setup:

  • 1 – F&V K4000S SE Bi-Color 1x1 LED w/ Softbox, Triple Diff, and Grid. Color set to about 3800k with a Cosmetic Gel (Key Light)
  • 1 – F&V K4000S SE Bi-Color 1x1 LED w/ Softbox, Triple Diff, and Grid. Color set to about 5200k, unit dimmed down a bit (Kicker)
  • 1 – F&V K4000S SE Bi-Color 1x1 LED w/ Single Diff. Color set to about 3800k, dimmed quite a bit (low front fill)
  • 1 – Arri 650 Fresnel w/ the VisionSmith Daylight ReLamp LED Unit installed on a Dimmer and gelled with 1/4 CTO (Background Light 1)
  • 1 – Arri 150 Tungsten Fresnel on a Dimmer (Background Light 2)
  • 1 – 2ft Kino Single Daylight Bulb which was setup but not used in the end (for back light)
  • 1 – String of Baby Paper Lantern Mini Lights (not LED) (Practical/Background Element)
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