I'm a Seattle based Cinematographer dedicated to the art of lighting, camera work, and color grading. Ad agencies, creative shops, and production companies lean on my experience to light and shoot commercial and cinematic corporate spots.

I had the great fortune to work with some very experienced people when I broke into the industry over 10 years ago and those early experiences turned me into sort of a hybrid breed of Cinematographer. I have an "old school" dedication to the craft and art of lighting yet I am young enough to offer creative lighting and camera choices to enhance the Directors vision on a project.

In recent years as traveling with gear has become more challenging, I'm often leaned on by out of town productions to help fill in the gaps with recommendations for dependable local crew.

Modern Motion is simply the Brand Identity for my Cinematography work. Reach out at chris@modernmotionvideo.com or 480.239.1355