Breaking Berlin

I’ve had the pleasure of living vicariously through this photographer for probably a decade now and he never ceases to amaze me. He’s the Sean O’Connell to my Walter Mitty. Skilled at anything he touches this dude has had his hand in a little of bit of everything and as his friend of many years I can't help but give him shit when he drops one thing and moves on to the next.

Seasoned aggressive inline skater, skateboarder, snowboarder, fixed gear enthusiast, software UI designer, illustrator, fashion consultant, model, score composer, photographer, he is like a cross between a humble version of Vincent Gallo and Winnie the Pooh; he has a strong eye and ear for what’s interesting and relevant but would wish you a Happy Thursday while peddling a fixed gear to his favorite coffee shop.

Regarding photography, I’ve been really impressed by his selection of images. He has captured everything from protests to people to products. From National Geographic Traveller to Highsnobiety, his work would equally fit onto the cover of a Fashion magazine and Time magazine.

Spending close to a decade bouncing back and forth between our nations flagship cities, his images feel very natural. Like a classic Tom Wait’s tune, when looking at his documentary photographs you feel as though you are there, wondering what else is happening outside the view of the camera. He isn’t afraid to release an image as naturally captured with all of its flaws but finds no shame in applying post production techniques if it gives him an image that’s pleasing.

He recently landed in Berlin and is a welcomed addition because of his approachability and creative eye. Do yourself a favor and browse through his site, you will not be disappointed.


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UPDATE: It's been 5 years since I wrote this post and in typical Ryan fashion he has pursued many new interests while putting the camera down as of 2017. Still in Berlin, I pester him to pick the camera back up again, even if only one day a month. His images are so damn good.

His latest venture was this uber high-end piece of art: If you are reading this and are a millionaire, go buy one, he'd appreciate it.

Untitled Bosphorus Istanbul 2012

To Serve And Protect 01 and 02 Occupy Wall Street New York City 2011

To Serve And Protect 03 Occupy Wall Street New York City 2011

Unknown New York City 2009


A Recap of Bread and Butter Berlin January 2014

These Grey Days 07 Zahra Berlin 2013

Mario New York City 2011


Nike X Dover Street Market NY – Air Python Highsnobiety

Ryan Hursh – Self Portrait 2011

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