1984 and Beyond – Remembering Apple Ads

Thirty years ago today Apple released the Macintosh. With the big announcement made by way of an iconic Super Bowl ad, Apple began a streak of some fun commercials via Chiat/Day and some other agencies. Enjoy some of these fun ads from Apple over the years

The infamous 1984 Macintosh Commercial

Twenty years later they revamped it, adding an iPod to the waistline of the hammer thrower.

Introducing Macintosh 20th Anniversary (2004)

A snippet from the Making of the 1984 spot

Behind the Scenes Discussion with Director Ridley Scott (1984)

The continuing battle between Apple and PC

Apple Macintosh Commercial Multimedia You Can Use (1994)

“Think Different” – a solid campaign

Apple Think Different Commercial (1997)

The ever popular iPod “Silhouette” Campaign

Apple iPod iTunes Commercial U2 Vertigo (2004)

The first spot of many in the “Mac vs PC” campaign

Mac vs PC Commercial -Better (2006)

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