Adobe Ink and Slide

I went to an After Effects user group meeting with my Illustrator and Motion Designer buddy Joe last week. It was the day after the Adobe CC 2014 Announcement. So naturally some Adobe genius’s were there showcasing some of the new features in AE and Premiere. It was a great meeting! My favorite part however was Adobe’s first hardware release – Adobe Ink and Slide. An Adobe Sr. Experience Designer gave us a fantastic quick demo and boy was I blown away. As most of us in this industry probably agree, we love technology but we love it even more when it stays out of our way when we are trying to create things organically. Ink and Slide seem to do that very well. They make tedious tasks so easy yet allow for organic drawing. All the things you would expect are present like a pressure sensitive stylus but what’s really cool is the integration with your Adobe Creative Cloud account. As a Director of Photography I look forward to using this tool to bang out great looking storyboards and lighting plots on the go. I’ll let you discover all the cool features on your own, but one of my favorites is that you can draw, tap and choose open in photoshop and boom! whatever computer you have logged in to your Creative Cloud account will launch photoshop and your drawing will pop up ready to edit or add things to. Below is a video produced by Gizmodo showcasing the basics.
Also, definitely head to this link on the Adobe website to learn more: Adobe Ink and Slide
Happy Drawing!