Jack Sock for President

When tennis star Jack Sock told his opponent Lleyton Hewitt to challenge a call because the ball was actually in bounds, everyone watching, including Hewitt, was shocked. (see the moment here)

 With the 2016 Presidential Election coming up, Babolat and The Garrigan Lyman Group saw obvious leadership qualities in Jack Sock and decided to represent him in a Presidential run. In the end, it turns out he didn't qualify but for a brief moment fans around the world saw hope for our country.

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Agency – The Garrigan Lyman Group | Babolat - Jack Sock for President Campaign |   My role – Cinematographer, Colorist

Directed by Kurt Reifschneider.

Written by Kurt Reifschneider and Graeme Hanson. Featuring Luke Burbank as Jack's Campaign Manager. 

Campaign produced by The Garrigan Lyman Group. www.glg.com

Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Jack Sock for President.